The Journey Begins

Every journey starts with the best intentions. If you’re like me, then you’ll have your 16 week training plan ready, marked in the calendar your race date and circled the date you’ll start your training. You’ve committed to train 5 days a week and you’re feeling pumped, focused and excited. What could go wrong?

Well, a lot actually. I find work and family life are very unpredictable and my early plans slowly begin to change. I like to plan. I like to stick to a plan. I am happy moving and changing my plans as long as they still fit around the main plan I had already planned. When I can’t do what I planed,  I would begin to miss days and the long runs at the weekend wouldn’t happen, I’d feel I wasn’t training to my full potential and I wouldn’t achieve what I wanted. A new PB…

I would start to miss more and more sessions and the thought of going for a run would fill me with dread. Not because I didn’t like running, I love to run, I always have. Running has always brought me pleasure. I didn’t want to lace up those trainers because I didn’t want to feel like I was failing, that I wasn’t sticking to my plan and I wouldn’t achieved my PB.I would always end up going out. I would enjoy the run once I was out there, trainer rubber on pavement, gels in my pockets, heart monitor strapped and GPS linked. Come race day, whether or not I achieved my PB, I would always enjoy the day.

Now, I run free. Not as much planning. I still have a training plan and a structure for the week and what I would like to achieve and how many miles I wanted to run. I just look at the week differently, if I want to run 30 miles and I run 25, I run 25, I don’t let it bother me. This is me running free. I enjoy my running each day of every week now. The best part is, without the added pressure I would put on myself, my running has improved and I’m feeling stronger than ever.

Running free, to me, isn’t just about freeing your mind and removing the added pressures from your life and the pressure you put on yourself. Running free, is freeing yourself from what we have always been told is good for us and discovering a whole new life style. Veganism, being vegan, has transformed the way, I live, eat, train and recover. I am not here to preach, I just want to write about my own experiences and pass on what I have learnt.

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