7 Weeks until race day

The marathon is nearly here. In 7 weeks, I will be lined up with thousands of other runners of different abilities all hoping to achieve their own personal goals.

16 weeks ago I started my training. My goal was to run a personal best (PB), my current PB is 3hrs 36 minutes, ideally I want a sub 3hrs 30 minutes but we shall see how the race goes on the day.

Yesterday I went for a long run, a steady 14 miles on a drizzly Sunday morning. I set myself a pace of 8.30 minutes/mile, the first 5 miles felt very comfortable. Then I started to feel a slight niggle in my right hip. It was a pain that caused me concern, I’ve not had this before so why is it happing now? The further I ran, the more obvious the pain was. So I stopped and stretched, I did deep squats to open up the hip join and stimulate the blood flow. After a couple of minutes I was off running again.

The pain slowly came back around mile 10. I had to stop again and repeat the stretches and squats. I did make it home without having to stop again, today however, I have had a small pain in my hip, I just hope it’s nothing more serious and that on my next run tomorrow, it’s doesn’t persist, or get worse. Finished the run with an average pace of 8.38 minutes/mile, I was happy with that.

I have been picking up a few niggles recently. I think I know the reason too. In June I did a charity run for Operation Smile The challenge which I set myself was to run 10k every day June Miles - 2018for the whole of June. I raised £1,489 for the charity and completed 202 miles for the month.

Now, 200 miles, is not my usual monthly total far from it and I guess that has had some small impact on my body, cultivating in the niggles I’m picking up at the moment. I have been having regular physio, but what I should be doing is a lot more stretches.

I basically increased my monthly mileage too quickly and probably reduced my mileage too quickly after the event. This is an area that I need to work on, as these kind of injuries happen too often.

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