2019… Is it my year?

So, 2019 is going to be my year. I’ve been saying, this is going to be my year a lot over the past decade.

When I start something I fully commit, I read up on the topic and watch the training videos. Running and cooking are the 2 constants in my life that I always stick with. I will some times take a few weeks off after a big race or get lazy and not always cook fresh but I’m always thinking about what event I want to do and what awesome dish I can cook next.

Why is 2019 my year? I am aware of my mental pitfalls and this year I am determined to over come them and give everything I have to complete my training programme and to be the best I can be for my first 50 mile ultra.

Time to Ultra

To help keep me on track and honest, I’ve started this blog. I want to document the next 12 months of my life and lay bare all my highs and lows. I’ll commit to being open, honest and to not post embellished truths to make myself and my life appear better than it is.

Pennine Barrier Ultra 50 - 2019 Is My YearI have 2 main races that I am training for in 2019. Pennine Barrier 50 Ultra on the 23rd June, fusing together some of the finest trails in Yorkshire. Starting at the beautiful village of Malham with trails taking in the majestic Malham Cove, the Pennine Way, the Limestone Canyon, Malham Tarn, Fountains Fell, the wonderful Yorkshire 3 Peaks of Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough before heading back to Malham via Gordale and Janet’s Foss Waterfall. 8507 ft of Ascent (2593m).

The 2nd main event is the Ben Nevis Ultra on the 20th September, in keeping with the ethos of the Salomon Skyline Scotland™ races, this route is very challenging with considerable height gain, great variability in the terrain including river crossings, and an airy traverse of one of Scotland’s most famous ridges, the Càrn Mòr Dearg Arête, leading to the summit of Ben Nevis.

Ben Nevis Ultra - 2019 Is My YearIf I am honest, this is the one I am looking forward to running the most. I haven’t climb many mountains but when I see them in the distance or watch a documentary, it stirs something inside of me, it’s a feeling of respect and I’m in ore of its beauty. I cannot explain why I have this feeling for something I have never climbed but its there and is the reason why I had to enter this race.

Training & Food

I enjoy planning and creating training plans. I have read many books and have a fairly good basic knowledge of what I need to do. I can’t afford someone to put a programme together for me so I’ve enjoyed designing one myself. There will hopefully be a greater sense of achievement once I’ve completed the runs, knowing I achieve this without expert help.

My long term training plan is complete, I do need to start work on my short term plan but I have an idea of what types of sessions I need to do, however I what to document what they are as I know I will be more likely to stick to them.

As well as training right, eating right is just as important to me, an obvious statement to make but most people know it’s bad for them to smoke and yet still do it. I know I need to eat right and I do, 90% of the time, you need to save some room for chocolate and crisps. It helps that I love food and that I love to cook.

For the past 12 months I have eat a vegan diet. Most of the time I have found the transition easy and enjoyable. I said that my posts would be honest and they will be, during the last 12 months I did succumb to a total of 5 pizzas with cheese and I ate fish on 3 occasions.

Veganism is a life style choice and one that requires some commitment, its a choice that I believe in and that is why it works for me.

So, is 2019 going to be my year?

My goals for 2019 are;

  1. Be the best person I can be
  2. Join a running club
  3. Run over 1,500 miles
  4. Run my first 50 mile Ultra
  5. Run Ben Nevis Ultra
  6. Run a ½ Marathon under 95 minutes
  7. Stick to my training plans
  8. Continue with my blog even if no one ever reads it
  9. Don’t play football… you will get hurt

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